Thursday, 9 July 2015

Nescafé Will Put You In Reptilian Peril

I saw an ad this week that I really loved: "Dinosaur", a film for Nescafé Gold Blend by Publicis. It’s not often that coffee sees good advertising. Or at least, unusual advertising. Usually it’s one of two things: serious fair trade discussions or overly sexualised gourmet posturing.

(With perhaps another ten per cent set aside for George Clooney looking mildly amused by something.)

Instead, this film told a story. Not an original one perhaps; a parent rediscovering themselves and being re-energised to look after their child is a pretty well established message. But it’s encouraging to see a coffee brand taking things in a new direction with their marketing.

And it’s well executed. It’s fun, it’s upbeat and whimsical, and it feels genuine. The visible narrator is appealing, and fits the mood well. All in all there's a real sense of both wonder and beauty, and love and affection between the mother and son. Modern, but unabashedly emotional.

Good to see a coffee ad recognising what tea manufacturers seem to have known for a long time: if you’re selling a warm beverage, it doesn’t hurt to make people feel some warmth.

Most importantly, the ad evokes a feeling we can all identify with: the need for coffee to give us the energy to stave off mindless tiredness that haunts our every sleep-deprived moment. That is something we all know and recognise. Especially just before a new business pitch.

Plus there were dinosaurs. Which is always a nice touch. Kids who grew up on Jurassic Park (and just saw the new movie) are now Millennials, who happen to make up the largest demographic of the workforce now.

So well done Nescafé. I certainly got more feeling and emotion out of this than the latest Clooney ad. 

No offense George.

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