Friday, 10 July 2015

Coco de Mer, Goodness Me

TBWA have come out with a stylish, provocative, engaging ad for Coco de Mer.

(Which I believe is a new brand of coconut water. Seems about right. That stuff is everywhere these days.)

I really like this film for a number of reasons.

(Hey. Stop giggling.)

The main reason though is simply the copy. I’m a sucker for writing that can pack meaning and intrigue into just a few words. And this ad comes down to two lines: “They say you think about sex every six seconds. We can help you think about it even more.”


According to The Drum the aim is “to engage people in a new, liberated conversation around desire”, and with those lines they start the conversation at a sprint.

Beyond the language though, it’s a genuinely beautiful, engaging film – hardly surprising given that it’s part of a collaboration with famed fashion photographer Rankin – and keeps challenging and surprising you.

To be perfectly honest I think the best word to describe the film is “arousing”. Not in the obvious sense.

(I mean, come on guys.)

It’s just an ad that seems perfectly designed to not just catch the attention, but draw you in, evoke memories and fantasies, and place you in the heart of the stream of conscious, maddening chaos that is sexuality.

I saw a poster once that said “Confusion is Sex”. This ad comes about as close to explaining that thought as you can get.

It really unsettles and disrupts, in the best possible way.

Check it out here (NSFW obviously, unless you work in advertising):

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