Friday, 10 July 2015

I Want To Go On Holiday And It’s Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam’s Fault

Another cracker from W+K Amsterdam. A new spot for, filled with energy, inspiration and aspiration.

Certainly makes me want to run off on holiday. Which is bloody annoying because I don’t have either the time or the money. So thanks for that guys.

Regardless, it’s an ad that gets you pumped up and ready to roll. It gets you excited about the possibilities of the summer in a way that’s totally different – though still very effective – to that great “Dear Summer” spot from Corona I was talking about a few weeks ago. One wields nostalgia and peace. The other plays upon excitement and spontaneity.

It’s simple, fun, and off the cuff. Not everything needs to be layered with meaning.

In fact most ads could do with a hell of a lot less.

And it all comes together beautifully. Plus the drum improv soundtrack is on point, energetic, jazzy – reminiscent of the you-have-to-watch-this movie Whiplash, which is very of the moment.

I can’t imagine where they might have gotten the idea to use that kind of music.

The fantastic Adland criticises the tagline (“Wing everything. Except your accommodation”) but I have to disagree.

When you’re young especially, the times where you wing it and take things a day at a time – those are often the best of times. Going on a random train journey. Flying off at a moment’s notice. Meeting new friends, trying new things – marching to the beat of your own drum.

And when you have a website you can use to find a good deal on a hostel at a moment’s notice – it makes for a great collaborator for your own improvisation.

That’s what this ad is tapping into and I’m feeling it. Let’s go wing it.

And check out the ad below:

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