Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Amazon Prime Will Save Your Wee Poorly Dog

Nothing like a cute animal to get you paying attention. This is a really nice, simple, soft-edged ad to promote Amazon Prime and its next-day delivery service.

Get stuff fast. Get whatever you need. Amazon Prime. That’s the gist.

This isn’t an ad chasing the shock factor. Instead it has a low key, rather fluffy delivery.

(And a rather fluffy dog, of course.)

But it’s also very on-message. It doesn’t miss a beat in terms of demonstrating the core selling point.
There’s a problem. Amazon Prime is the solution.

You could accuse it of being rather inoffensive, safe. To be sure, Concerned Mothers of Streatham aren’t likely to be up in arms against this campaign.

(Well, unless the concerned mothers of Streatham double as a consortium of local booksellers perhaps.)

So perhaps there are more aggressive creative strategies you could come out with. But this is an ad that is nice to watch. It’s an ad you don’t want to skip over. It’s cute and good humoured and has a fun pay off.

And an ad that is nice to watch should not be underestimated.

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