Tuesday, 15 September 2015

A Little Ooh La La From Orangina

Here’s a nice little ad from our French cousins with their wacky shakeable fizzy drink, Orangina.

(Still not sure how that works. I have less than fond memories of being told that you could shake up Fanta as a kid.)

It’s a mild joy to watch, and it’s part of a broader pattern appearing on our screens and signs. There seems to be a bit of a charge of French brands into the UK market – with more than a little energy and √©lan. Teisseire is another, taking a jump into the UK market just this summer with its line of “sirops” (put simply, diluting drinks, in different flavours).

And then there is also that ongoing, quirky campaign from Chambord. 

You know, the one with the flamingos.

(I love advertising, just for these moments.)

Certainly this may be simply a play for the not-actually-that-small French segment of the London population. But I've also seen ads for both of these brands on boards in other cities in the UK. So clearly some non-Gallic people are partaking.

Beyond the product pushes, what’s really exciting is the sense of fun both fun and poise brought in each of these campaigns. It’s classic French style and seriousness and beauty, cut through with total irreverence. And somehow, the two contrasting thoughts complement one another. 

It's a strong idea, to balance the classic French brand appeal with a modern, open persona. Smart, sexy, silly ads.

It’s a simple premise in this Orangina spot really. It’s orange, and you shake it, so the ad shows a girl dancing around crazily in an orange lift. And shaking Orangina.

Actually what I really like about it is the “Grand Budapest Hotel” style it seems to play upon. Quirky. Retro. Definitely odd, but a lot of fun to watch.

(Has playing upon the styles of recent movies always been such a widespread thing, or am I just noticing it now?)

MAA critiques it for pulling its punches, not pushing to be controversial perhaps. But at the end of the day it’s just a fun, orange-y drink. Let’s not get too tied up in being clever or pushy. Not every product needs to be aimed at the 25-40 urban professional demographic.

Dance around. Don’t think too hard. Shake it up.

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