Monday, 15 June 2015

Estrella, Damn.

Here's another great beer ad for the summer: "Mallorca", by Estrella Damm UK. You can find the spot here.

And there's not actually all that much to say about the ad. 

What makes it powerful is its simplicity and its understatement. In thirty seconds and virtually no words it tells the story of a guy's incredible summer's week on a Spanish island. And then, again without words, it shows in one moment how much he has fallen in love with the place and the people.

It's fun, and it's quick. It doesn't mess around with needless words. It has great music, great humour, and above all it feels enthusiastic about itself.

Like Corona's fantastic "Dear Summer" piece I wrote about recently, what this campaign is selling is bottled sunshine. And again, it isn't groundbreaking - but it is incredibly powerful. To be able to evoke the joy of summer and the Mediterranean way of life in this way - it's no mean feat.

What Corona did with long copy, Estrella does wordlessly.

I truly can't say which of the two I prefer, but I will say I have huge respect for a brand which can tell a story - and tell its own story - so effortlessly.

Here's to the summer.

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