Monday, 1 June 2015

Corona Sells Sunshine

Here's something worth watching.

Corona (with agency The Community) has come out with an interesting and evocative ad for the US, "Dear Summer", which lays out its brand values in the form of an 'open letter' from winter to summer.

There was a recent Business Insider article which underlined Corona's continued growth in the sluggish US market. It credited the brand's strength to its simplistic but powerful formula of "sand, sun and lime wedges", and with this wistful, summery theme, this spot hits the right notes. 

Most importantly, it sidesteps any questions over the quality of its product by focusing solely on its positioning as "the" beer of the summer. Ice-cold drinks are a good way to mask a bad taste after all.

That said, the film bears more than a passing resemblance to this San Miguel UK ad from 2011 in the UK, taking on similar themes and mimicking the art direction of the spot closely. It even takes cues from the popular "Dear Kitten" films by Buzzfeed and pet food brand Purina.

Groundbreaking, it is not.

All of this adds up to a fairly by-the-numbers mood piece, in the model of many other ads aimed at the millennial demographic, setting out brand positions and relying on the charisma of the narrator's voice and a classic piece of music to give it some easy emotional depth. 

Criticisms aside, the film is better executed than most. Predictable or not, it gives an emotive, compelling case for the summer, and sets Corona firmly at the heart of that case.

Game on.

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