Wednesday, 4 May 2016

If People Can Ignore a Giant Warning Sign on a Bridge, What Chance Does Your Social Post About It Being Wednesday Have?

(I mean I'll be impressed if you just read that headline through.)

From today's news, an impressive display.

From the BBC:

"A lorry has crashed into a railway bridge emblazoned with "low bridge" warning signs in London."

"A spokesman from Southern Railway said: "The bridge was hit by lorries four times in September and has since been struck twice every month, causing more than 147 cancellations and delaying trains by over 73 hours in total."

"The situation is so serious at Tulse Hill that Network Rail has now assigned response staff to monitor the bridge on location at peak times every week.

"It has also installed a large steel protection beam, the large "low bridge" banner and CCTV."

As good a reminder as any of the limits of advertising.

No matter how clear, simple and powerful your message may be, a lot of the time, people are just not going to look at it.

(To be honest though, I mostly just wanted to share how silly this story is.)

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