Friday, 15 May 2015

Variety is the Spice of Swimwear Ads

This is a quick one, because it’s a simple thought. On the walls around escalators, especially in the Tube, there are often diagonal rows of digital ad screens. And a lot of the time it’s only one brand that is controlling the entire ride.

Which is effective, it drills in a message. But what baffles me is that very often at somewhere like Oxford Circus, where there is naturally a strong tendency for clothing ads, the ads themselves are not ads. They are ad. And by that I mean there’s only one, repeated on all the screens.

I just don’t see the point. Did they run out of money for extra images? Then how are they affording this prime real estate? Is it intentional?

That’s the big question. Because if it’s intentional, colour me unimpressed with their media team. We’re talking H&M here. It’s not Versace. It’s not bloody haute couture. Using one single product is not an artistic statement. Or an iconic way of staying in the mind.

It’s a waste of space. What you want is to be showing off your range, drawing the viewer in, letting them see what you can do and whether there might be an option just for them.

So use media to the best effect. Digital media and massed screens are a powerful tool – powerful in their potential for variety and versatility. Not making use of that is a waste – of money for you, and time for the rest of us.

(OK, so it wasn’t so quick. But you get my point.)

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